"Been There" Virtual Travel Quiz? Round #1

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There has not been much activity on the forums lately, except for COVID-19 and the impact on our upcoming travels, and many of us aren't going anywhere, if at all (barely leaving our homes). So, I propose for those who are interested, that we engage in a Tauck travel related activity. I propose a little visually-based travel quiz-

What it is: A Taucktourian (I'll be the first) posts a photo or two taken during one of their Tauck tours. It is up to the rest of us to identify the location/and or object, its significance, and answer a supplemental question or two, if there are any.

Some rules: (Gotta have rules. If anyone has some suggested improvements to my idea please post them to this thread or send me a PM)

  1. Photo(s) must have been taken by the poster or spouse during a Tauck tour. Please, no commercial or internet photos allowed.
  2. Everyone is invited to guess- only one guess per family, per round.
  3. The original poster will acknowledge a correct guess.
  4. If there are no correct guesses and/or no correct answers to supplemental questions, after three days, the original poster will provide the answer(s), so each round doesn't run too long. Please be nice and resolve disputes over answers via PM.
  5. As the defacto administrator, I will start a new thread for Round #2 and all subsequent rounds once each original poster has acknowledged or provided the correct answers.
  6. To give everyone a shot, I'm asking the original poster to wait until six additional rounds have been completed before posting again- we'll see how this goes.
  7. If two submissions are made at nearly identical times, to prevent confusion I'll ask the second poster to delete and resubmit for the next round. I don't have forum ADMIN privileges so can't delete it for you (click on the gear at the top right corner of your post and select "delete"). I will attempt to ensure your submission is included in the next round- I'll ask for it in the first post of that round.

Please, let's not submit photos that are too esoteric or too lacking in informative details.

While I probably spend too much time on my computer, I don't live on this site, so please have some patience.

OK, clear as mud?

On to Round #1.

We visited the place where this tower is located several years ago during our very first Tauck tour. What is the place, where is it, and who lives there? The same tower looks a bit different in the second photo because it is just the top (not visible in first photo) and I took it from a greater distance through the bus window as we departed. What is the significance of what you are seeing in the second photo.

**Bonus question: ** What is this place visible from the first and it's significance to the who of the previous photos:


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    The rules are fine. This sounds like fun
    I think this is Edinburgh Castle

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    Windsor Castle and Eton ??

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    Also -- How does one post a photo and how does one send a PM?

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    Windsor Castle.

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    That was quick! MCD got the locations correct. Congrats! But not done yet- how about the answers to the additional questions (where, who, significance of the first two photos)? Round #1 still in progress :)

    To post a photo ensure your cursor is in the location where you want to place the photo. Then select the "attach image" icon (last one on the right in the tool bar), then select "browse" and select a photo from your computer files. Once selected you'll see a small progress bar as the photo uploads, then a string of text identifying the photo. You will only see the photo after you select "Preview" or after you post.

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    I think the flag flying in the second picture indicates Queen Elizabeth was at Windsor Castle when the picture was taken.

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    OK. It is not quite all I was hoping for, but Round #1 is officially over.

    Since this is a first run, we will call Round #1 done and use it as an example. MCD and CVC share credit for it.

    Please wait until I start a new thread to submit your input as a reply to the new thread.

    I want to get this up now, but will add a follow-up with more details in a few minutes.

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    Full disclosure: I have a similar photo of Eton taken in 1969, when I was a college student on my first trip abroad.

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    OK, here are some more details.

    The structure in the photo is the Round Tower at Windsor Castle, the weekend home of Queen Elizabeth (or the reigning monarch) and is located in Berkshire County, England just a few miles west of London. The original castle was built in the 11th century after the Norman invasion of England by William the Conqueror. It has been expanded and changed many times over the years. The current iteration of the Round Tower, which is far from cylindrical, is built upon an earthworks mound which formed the base of the original wood and earthen motte. It is made from chalk and earth excavated from the surrounding ditch (moat?). In the first photo the British national flag, the Union Jack, is flying from the 15 meter pole. Another significant flag in British culture, the Royal Standard of the United Kingdom is being flown in the second photo. It is flown whenever the reigning monarch is in residence- Queen Elizabeth arrived as we finished visiting the complex during our England, Scotland and Wales tour. It is also flown on other royal residences and vehicles when occupied by the reigning monarch. A similar but slightly different version of the Royal Standard is flown over Holyroodhouse and elsewhere in Scotland when she is staying there (one hint that the flag was not flying over Edinburgh Castle). Read about these flags here or elsewhere on the internet: https://englandspuzzle.com/the-union-jack-and-the-royal-standard/

    The last photo is more precisely the Chapel at Eton College. Eton "College" was the high school attended by Prince William and Prince Harry.

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    You don't send me anything. You post a reply to my Round announcement with a photo taken during one of your Tauck travels and add bonus questions if you desire. Only one submission per round so if someone else has already posted you'll need to wait until the next or a later round.

    This has been explained elsewhere, but to add a photo to your post you click on the square scenery icon in the tool bar above the text box, then select the directory on you computer where the photo resides, then select the photo. It will upload (there will be a progress bar) but you won't see the photo, just characters and numbers, until you select "preview" or "post comment." You can also edit or delete your post by selecting the little gear symbol in the upper right.

    If you are unsure how posting photos works you can start a new discussion and practice, then delete it.

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