Victoria Falls!!!

For those who have seen Victoria Fall on the Zambia, Botswana, SA or the Elegant Adventure tours (especially last year when the flow was greatly reduced) and for those whose tours have been canceled but plan to reschedule or take the new Wildlife Odyssey tour in the future, check out this article, especially the video part way down the page. Things have changed since last year!!! Can you imagine the spray on the Knife-edge bridge!! YIKES!!

For those who have been to the Okavango Delta, while it is not totally out of the woods after last year's drought, as of February 2020 water levels are running about a meter and a half above 2019 levels. When we went in May 2019 there was much more land than water, but if conditions continue this year the situation may be reversed.


  • Alan, I wouldn't know the exact flow like you would, but in May '18 when we went the falls were like Sealord's picture. The Zambezi river was flooded. It almost completely took out the Royal Chundu property near Livingstone (our tour directors had to take a raft to their room), the Eagle Island Camp had significant flooding. It was a sight to behold and we got VERY wet!!!

  • What a contrast! The video on the page at the link I posted appears to show flow significantly greater than the one in Sealord's photo which was slightly more than in my photo below which was taken at the end of May 2019. Both look like they were taken from about the same spot. :)

    This is supposed to be the Okavango Delta ?!?!? The only wet areas in the Delta were the small streams and a few pools. It was easy to photograph large gatherings of hippos since they didn't have many places to soak.

    View of Eagle Island Camp from the helo. The makoros ran aground when we got farther that a couple 100 yds (at left and right of the photo) from the marooned Eagle Island dock!:

    There was just dry ground between our "tents" and the sunset bar, which I assume, during wetter times, is on a peninsula:

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