"Been There" Virtual Travel Quiz? Important Announcement


We will take a temporary pause in the Quizzes while I review the structure and rules.

While I suspected its existence, I have recently become aware that there is a way to gain an advantage in a game such as this (always the last to know.) It is called a "Reverse Image Search." It allows a person to upload a photo from a computer, digital camera, or webpage (e.g. a contest photo) to various websites, including Google Images, that use this software to quickly search and find matching (similar) images. Often the search results include information about the subject or location. It doesn't work on all photos such as those of groups of non-celebrity people, those lacking detail, or taken in remote locations, e.g. Patagonia. But, it will work, on the typical images used in this game, e.g. Memorial of Rebirth.

While I do not suspect any current or former players of using this technique, I am working on a means to reduce the possible impact of this technology, so everyone is operating on the same level playing field and we can all continue being entertained and informed. If I come up with a suitable approach, I will restart the game tomorrow morning.
By the way,

Round #18 was won by Sealord
Submitted by travel maven. In the Round #18 thread she posted detailed information about her photo of the “Memorial of Rebirth” in Bucharest Romania.

"Been There" Virtual Travel Quiz?" is temporarily suspended. It will hopefully restart tomorrow "morning" (Wed, 4/8/2020)

Sorry for the interruption. Thanks for bearing with me.

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