Visiting Gorillas suspended

News article confirming no more visits to Gorillas at present

Coronavirus: Great apes on lockdown over threat of disease


  • British: I saw this as well and am so thankful we had the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures in December. And thank you for the pictures of that trip you posted recently on another topic. I am still waiting to hear if my Tauck trip to Scotland will take place in June but I am losing hope as time goes on. Think we will be lucky if we can still go to Bali in the fall.
    Hope all is well and give my best to Mr. B.

  • Hello Smarks, been wondering how you are doing. Yes, looks as if Britain will still be on lockdown in June. When I talk to my friends there they had still been very loose with the social distancing compared to us here in the US. The panic buying has been particularly bad and rice and pasta impossible to find. The government appears to be helping people with money way more than here and the health service very impressive.
    Yes, Singapore and Bali is looking very doubtful.
    I was thinking about Claudia’s wedding supposed to be in Lake Como in May, I hope they have been able to get their monies back.
    We have been keeping ourselves extremely busy with outdoor projects. Today I’m going to br making face masks, the rain has been keeping me awake tonight and it’s slated to continue all day.
    You may be interested in watching the National Theatre Live production of Jane Eyre on YouTube, it’s free and it was fantastic. Almost three hours long, we watched each half over two nights.
    Yesterday, we Social distanced our daughter’s family through the glass screen door and I just could not stop tears when they said goodbye. Hugs are missed very much. Our best wishes.

  • I know what you mean about family interaction. Our local supermarket has a "seniors only" shopping hour from 6:00 am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings so I get up at 5:30 am and shop for myself and my older sister. (The only other time I get up at that hour is on Tauck tours!). Then in the afternoon I take my sister's groceries to her; she stays in her bedroom while I unload everything in the kitchen, then we meet in her garage with the door open for fresh air and where we sit ten feet apart and have a glass of wine while we catch up on the news and commiserate. Hope this ends soon! Our governor is talking about ending the social distancing requirement but no hint yet about a date.

    So sorry about Claudia & Richard's wedding plans - not sure they could substitute anything in May at this point and it is not easy to get money refunded. I am arguing with the tour providers for my May English garden tour; they cannot recover all from their third party vendors and are refusing at least some of the refund due to me. I have appealed to Visa but don't expect to hear anything for months.

    Stay safe.

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