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    Thanks for the story, British. It all looks rather bleak for any type of travel for the balance of 2020. How sad. With regards to refunds for canceled air travel, it is quite alarming the number of requests Ryanair has received as of May 1.

    Budget airline Ryanair's chief executive Michael O'Leary told BBC Breakfast on 1 May the company had a backlog of 25 million refund claims, after cancelling about 17 million seats between March and April. He said it is currently processing about 10,000 refunds a week - up from 10,000 a month normally. He insisted "every customer will get a cash refund if they want a cash refund," but added it would take up to six months to pay back everyone.

    I imagine the same thing is going on with all airlines, Lufthansa for example. What a mess.

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    Spain today announced they are removing their quarantine requirement on July first.

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