I'm considering this adventure ...

Hello everyone.
Happy Friday! I have a question regarding this safari. I'm planning for 2022 , so.. I'm doing my homework.
My main concern is about the safari discription given in the catalog, which focuses more on the historical info. and everything regarding hotel and surounding areas , but there ins't much info. about how many game drives are done per day. Also, it does specified the Rhyno walking visit and another walking safari somewhere else... is the 2nd walking safari just to see bugs and birds? :)) Sorry if I sound rude; but i'm not into bugs.:)) birds are ok.
So, I would like some advice on the actual frequency of the game drives and also would like to ask about the elephant viewing? I know Botswana has the biggest elephant population in Africa, but do we have a chance to view them up close, like we did in Amboseli? or is it just from the canoes?
I have already done the Kenya-Tanzania classic safari and now I would love to do this one..
I've read all the Blogs , my savers... Thank you guys! and I 've decided to do a little detour to Zimbabwe - to Mana Pools before the Tauck tour doing a photographic Safari, but would love to photograph beautiful elephants herbs in Botswana aswell.
My last questions .. has anyone flown into the Victoria Falls Airport instead of the Livingstone one? if so did Tauck included the transfer from there, too?
I would normally ask all these questions to Tauck, but there are so busy accommodating travelers ... so I feel guilty to ask and I have to decide before August, when the Mana Pools Camp is requiring a deposit. Non-refundable deposit. C' my dilema. :))
Hope to heard from someone soon. :smile:
AlanS, British , Sealord missing you guys.:))
Have a great weekend.

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