Tauck Cancelled Trips- How much did they offer you?

Tauck called today to cancel our New Zealand trip, scheduled in October this year. They said they would pay up to $250/traveler in airlines cancellation fees. they also said if we either rebooked or left our money with them they would add an additional $250/traveler to our funds. Looking at some of the other threads, it appears that some of you have been offered more travel fund additions. Would you please tell me what they offered you? Thank you


  • If the trip is not paid in full, they will offer $250 ppn. If your trip is paid in full they will offer $500 ppn.

  • Good to know. Thank you!

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    Carabeth, you have been offered the same as everyone else. On our canceled tour, we decided to request the deposit back and just have the insurance put into our Dream saver account. As we understood it at the time, you can only use the money from the Dreamsaver once and then it is gone....say if that one is also canceled. As we have three other tours booked with Tauck, all likely to be cancelled, we decided our cash in hand was Better for us than money in a Tauck wallet we may never use or not be able to use for the foreseeable traveling future. Reading here on the forum, I think we are in the minority with our opinion.

  • I tend to agree with British. I'm disappointed that we weren't offered more to book something else.

  • I really don’t see why they should offer more. They are a business and successfully sell out tours each year. They have been far more generous than other companies where you would have lost your insurance at least. When traveling starts up again, they will do fine. Thanks to all the people leaving money in their travel wallets, Tauck should be ok for at least a year. I have a few niggles because our tour cancelled very early in this process, the first agent we talked to told us wrong information. Otherwise, I’m good with their service.

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