North and South Adventure Cancelled

We have had a reservation for the Oct 2020 New Zealand North and South Adventure for a long time. Today Tauck called and cancelled it. I cancelled our flights. Air New Zealand charges a $300 pp cancel fee. Tauck placed our insurance $$ on acct and has offered $250pp to be placed in our travel funds if we leave our deposit and payments with them.

Is this what you all have experienced?


  • I'm supposed to be on this trip that begins Oct. 31. I expect it to be cancelled, as well. I had my trip to Germany (from which I was supposed to be returning today) cancelled. Tauck put my deposit and insurance and $250 "bonus" in a dreamsaver account, which I just used yesterday to book a trip next March (which I know may well be cancelled). As I result, I didn't have to incur any additional out of pocket expense to reserve my spot on that trip next March.

  • @MCD Have they called to cancel yet? We are really disappointed. The person who called was very businesslike and didn’t give many details even when I asked. I see there is limited availability in the Nov 21 trip. I’m going to call today and check on it. I wish I had done that before I canceled our flights. I got our flights cheap and I know I’ll never get them that cheap again.

  • New Zealand has said it is not going to admit foreigners for a long time. America’s Covid cases are skyrocketing, we will probably be the last People allowed into their country.

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    CaraBethP -- Tauck has not informed me that the trip has been cancelled, but I agree with British that it is extremely unlikely that the tour will happen. I was thinking this morning that my flights were booked with Air New Zealand, so if they are continuing to fly (and they are now, but requiring incoming passengers to quarantine for 14 days), I'll probably have to take a credit -- and who knows when I'll get to NZ again. So now I have to think about something else when booking airfare -- If all I can get is a credit, should I book with an airline that gives me more options for traveling? As my daughter would say, "It's a first world problem." I know that there are people who have many more serious concerns.

  • For upcoming tours with Tauck that are likely it be cancelled, we will now be asking Tauck to book the flights. It saves a lot of hassle than trying to do it yourself.

  • @MCD i cancelled my Air NZ flights. Got a refund today. They charge $600 service fee and Tau k will cover $500.

  • Good to know! I bet the $500 was for 2 people though -- and I'm a solo.

  • According to this article, it's better to cancel all the upcoming trips.

  • Just got the word that the Oct. 31 tour of NZ's North & South Island has been cancelled. I've applied my deposit plus the $250 to the trip to Jerusalem, the Red Sea and Petra scheduled for next March -- which may not go either.

  • Scheduled on this trip for Feb. 2021 - booked AA on own using miles. AA cancelled our flight. No flights to NZ through winter. No AA or Quantas flights to Australia through March 2021.

  • We had booked Australia Adventure (beginning in Adelaide) for October, 2021 and it was cancelled - apparently not enough interest in the itinerary at this time. We were able to move the deposit and insurance to another trip scheduled for May, 2021 - hoping that trip will be able to operate but not sure it will.

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