Allianz Our refunds completed

The last refund we had pending from a TA arranged classic Italy in April, done finally. To be honest I’m surprised Allianz refunded the travel insurance. Next trip I’m having Tauck arrange everything so there will be one place I’m dealing with. Refunds received from Delta, Allianz and Tauck ( super fast I might add). I don’t think I forgot anybody else. The only bad part is they took away all our points on the cc, but that’s only fair.


  • S35flyer: I am happy for you that you received all of your money back. It is a relief, I felt the same way. I was also surprised that Allianz refunded the entire travel insurance, they don't typically do that but due to the COVID-19 Virus, they have been making an exception. Kudos for them. Allianz is a very good company, I have used them multiple times in the past. Same thing happened to me, my cc points were taken away, bummer.

  • I also got a full and speedy refund from Allianz.

  • My Tauck travel insurance was from AON, rather than Alliance, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive an e-mail last Friday saying that they had approved my claim for the entire amount of my Turkish Airlines flight home from Jordan that I had to book at the last minute because Lufthansa had cancelled my return flights. I had filed the claim just a couple of weeks ago, after having given up on Lufthansa.

  • On Friday my August 2020 cruise on the Columbia & Snake River was cancelled. When i checked my visa account this morning the refund from the cruise line was already in my account dated Jul 17th.

  • One insurance company to avoid is Trip Mate. They originally denied a legitimate claim for our interrupted vacation. We called our travel company who called the agent they used at the insurance company and we got it overturned, both for us and the other people on our tour. The travel company has now cancelled their partnership with Trip Mate and is using another company going forward. Trip Mate had terrible reviews everywhere, even before the Covid crisis.

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