Funny "No Travel Tips"

Rick Steve's has posted his tips for reliving the feeling of European travel while stuck at home (he's also promoting a new book - surprise, surprise). Pretty funny. You can find it here:


  • Saw that in his monthly email newsletter, I laughed out loud:))

  • Rick Steves has been interviewed several times during Covid. Was surprised that it took a pandemic for this world traveler to get into the kitchen. He confessed he's never even boiled a potato (I think that was it) and is now not only learning to cook, but has found this new chapter in his life a revelation. Shall I blame women or his suitcase lifestyle? In any case, kudos Rick and enjoy. I recommend Diane Kochilas/Jaime Oliver/Nigella Lawson, all wonderful teachers and healthy wide-ranging recipes.

  • Probably related to his somewhat recent divorce. In turn, that was probably related to his suitcase lifestyle. Neither one is a good excuse for not learning to cook.

  • Did you know that Rick Steves' former brother-in-law is the president of the University of Notre Dame (Fr. Jenkins)?

  • I've only microwaved a potato.

  • When my mother came to stay with me for a couple of days when my first child was born, my father called to ask her how to make a hot dog. (He was a wonderful, wonderful man, even if he had no cooking skills. He was great at drying the dishes, in the pre-dishwasher days.)

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