Covid tests during our travels and tour itineraries

Hello everyone...
As we all wait an eternity for the opening of international flights and someone out there wants us back..., I have read several articles regarding requirements when traveling... We all know about the 96 hour Covid test from point of departure ( easy we'll be home) but I wonder ... as our tour ends, some transit counties do request the test again , specially those flying out of Egypt in my case. Although, I know it is not TAUCK's responsability.... I would like to ask if TAUCK has a plan of action. those anyone know... would they have any contact with labs that can provide the service with the certanty that results will be ready within the time frame impose by the airlines.. and would this stop interrupt the tour itinerary.
Please advise.


  • Looking at Iceland’s COVID policy as of Dec 10, 2020, I don’t see how Tauck can conduct a June 2021 small ship cruise. 2 negative tests 5 days apart with quarantine in between. Results certified only by Iceland authorities. By the way, the website lists the wrong ship. Tauck says Le Jacques Cartier but Ponant website says Le Dumont D’urville.

  • Bumping this thread. Has anyone had a discussion with Tauck on whether or not they plan on facilitatng Covid testing towards the end of a tour? The US/CDC now requires a negative test to be taken 72-hours before departure to the US. Assuming that the majority of Tauck travelers are US residents and the majority depart for the US the last day of the tour, or the day after, it would appear that there would be a need to organize some kind of test capability (even at the guest's cost). I realize that right now this is a moot point since there are no tours outside of the US. But they have not "officially" cancelled May and beyond and most likely the US/CDC requirement will still be in place by then. Just thinking ahead. Safe travels!

  • inlanikai as I was told by an insider..... everything is all planned and ready to go! the tours will run their course with the least number of disruptions and Tauck will pay for the Covid test within the countries listed in the tour. even if the tour members have to get tested before heading back home... it would be a stop of about an hour or so.... for everyone to get tested and I would not be surprised if the TD is able to pick up the results and give them out at the farewell dinner.
    I'm not worried ! Tauck has been in business for 93 years.. they know what to do.... just relax, enjoy and get pamper!

    Now, I do know.. there is a facility near or next to the airport that will do the test and you get results within 15-20 min, it cost $180.00 and it is official test facility. So, the airlines will let you board .
    Let's just channel our thoughts and positivity for the international travel to open soon and safely.

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