• Thought more of Jimmy Durante. LOL.

  • But I also thought we need to be careful:

    Belfast, of course, had a huge lesson.

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    Thought more of Jimmy Durante. LOL.

    Yes, they all have that alcoholic skin tone.

  • Or travel in the good old US of A.

    Kulaniapia Falls, Hilo.

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    And, even in our US of A, there are weird places to explore, even with a mask on!

    This is the less-traveled Road to Hana. Large buses and rental cars are not allowed on these dirt roads, the latter prohibited for insurance purposes. But it reveals a part of Maui that most tourists do not see, I believe -- highly rural, and instead of the lush green associated with Maui, a MOON-SCAPE. Because my wife and I hired a private photographer to show us unusual locations, we got up in the middle of the night and started our journey on the BACKROAD Road to Hana.

    We ate at a "restaurant" that consisted of a thatched covering where cooking occurred, surrounded by picnic tables. Unusual, too, for Hawaiian fare.

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    Skiing in the Covid era (today):

  • I have a similar photo of Mr. Devine, and sure isn't that a perfect name for him and his voice and wonderful stories?
    And the Ashford - twas grand!

  • Is there a real Mr. Devine? I was thinking of the movie, "Waking Ned Devine," which was so funny. My husband, who, like me, was of Irish descent, said it was a perfect snapshot of the Irish -- you win the lottery and then you drop dead before you can enjoy it. Ned Devine was the quintessential "your man."

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