What is happening in Tanzania

We just got a phone call from one of the US based doctors who volunteers at a hospital we love to support in Tanzania, here is the website
https://fameafrica.org/covid-19-response Oh, well you can go to this page and then navigate the website to see what it’s all about.
We first heard about and met the founders back in 2014 just before we made our second tour of Tanzania with Tauck and we were able to visit the hospital which was down the road from the school that Tauck took us to back then. We have sent donations every year since. All the money goes to them and their expansion of services has been incredible.
The phone call was to thank us for our continuing support. Apparently they have not been getting as many donations this past year because of Covid. They have been treating Covid patients but the government will not allow them to do any Covid testing because the official position is that Covid does not exist in Tanzania and the government has no plans to vaccinate the population. Herbal drinks are being encouraging by the prime minister, that’s all.
If any of you Tauckers out there love to go on Safari in Tanzania and you have money you can donate, I would encourage you to read about FAME. I do hope we can all visit Africa again soon, Experiencing Africa has really enriched our lives and I am so hoping we can take our family there in 2024 to celebrating our Golden wedding anniversary.

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