Covid travel tracker: Which countries are allowing visitors from the U.S.?

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An article I came across from NBC News that may be of interest to folks who read this forum.

Covid travel tracker: Which countries are allowing visitors from the U.S.?

As of Monday, March 29:

  • More than 70 countries, including Brazil, Haiti, Ireland and Egypt, are fully open to U.S. travelers and tourists.
  • Sixteen countries are completely closed to Americans, including France, Belgium, Iraq, Libya and New Zealand.
  • The remaining countries fall somewhere in between, with some offering exceptions for dual-citizens, residents or those with qualifying travel reasons.
  • More than 150 countries require a negative Covid-19 test from travelers.
  • More than 100 countries have some sort of quarantine requirement.
  • More than 60 countries have some sort of curfew in effect.

Travel to pretty much anywhere will be challenging in my opinion.


  • This is probably going to ‘evolve’ very quickly. No country has more vaccinated people than the U.S. right now. I saw today that the state of Florida is suing the CDC over their forty page cruise ship travel document. I expected that. Contrary to what I read on The Points Guy, several cruise lines have started advertising cruises out of U.S. ports.

  • This info is misleading. For example, Ireland which is shown as unrestricted still advises against international travel and requires a 14 day quarantine on arrival.

  • Thinkgs change in an instant, that’s what happened to us last March. The main difference to most disasters is that it only happens in one part of the world snd you are likely to get home, nearest thing I can think of is 9/11 and the erupting Iceland volcano which stopped trans Atlantic traffic a few years ago. Believe me, you can only know how frightening it is to be stranded in an exotic country when pandemic happens, as happened to us, especially when you are not traveling with Tauck. Mr. B is very wary about being unable to get back into the US in the near future....even agreeing to go to Florida in the Fall rather than step out of the US

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