Cruising vs Sea-State



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    I think main point of interest in your photo of the hand railing was not the railing- it was the strategically positioned barf bags!! :o

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    That's fabulous weather and I miss it ! On my first time ever at sea we were told to secure all cabinets, doors etc. and make ready for sea. Unaware of the real necessity for doing this I did not close and lock a cabinet door with the metal bar. A few hours later we hit rough seas and the door swung open and missed my head by inches. Learned that necessity real quick. The Navy guys used to sit in the Wardroom drinking coffee eating lightly watching the Marines down food as fast as it came out. After a little while they wish they hadn't asked for extra helpings of chili. Yep those were Interesting times.

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    AlanS: that was the point. I added the fact of dual handrails after the fact and didn't realize that comment might draw the focus away from the bags.

    BTW (all): because our suite was on deck 3 and therefore in danger of serious spray, we were told to not even think about going outside. All the balcony furniture on all decks was removed and stored in the hallways. We never felt was a brag-worthy experience ("there we were in the middle of a Force 10 gale!"...eating French cuisine).

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