We're going to try again...

As described here under Europe Regions (either this category hadn't been created or I missed it), we were booked on Yuletide Spirit for December 2020:

We are going to try again for the December 6, 2022, southbound cruise from Amsterdam to Brussels. Anybody else?

P.S. Hard to think of this as a Rhine River cruise (per category), but there is some intersection at Rotterdam.


  • Portolan,

    Sorry you had to rebook. I am thinking of taking this tour in 2022, but if my Nov 2021 Douro River cruise is canceled I will rebook it for 2022. Have you done other Holiday Market tours? I have always wanted to go on one!

  • We've done Tauck's Rhine Christmas Markets and, quite a while ago, Smithsonian's Danube Christmas Markets (pretty much identical to Tauck's). Both were great. River cruises typically moor near the old center of the towns where the Christmas Markets are often to be found. Because the sailing distances between towns are short, the ships usually sail very late allowing an additional walk ashore after dinner to visit the markets in the evening when they are particularly festive. Yuletide Spirit appeals to us because its new territory though perhaps a bit thinner on markets since they are densest in Germanic regions though the idea has spread all over Europe.

  • edited April 2021

    There are 6 of us booked on that 12/6/22 trip beginning in Amsterdam. We all took the Rhine Christmas Markets cruise in 2019, and 4 of the group are also booked for the Danube this year, keeping our fingers crossed.

  • Portolan,

    Thanks for responding to my question!

  • Quick question about these Xmas River Cruising trips, do these ships move a lot? I suffer from motion sickness.

  • We’ve taken 4 river cruises. There is virtually no feeling of motion or rocking when the boat is under way..

  • I appreciate the response. Thank you.

  • I was booked on the Amsterdam - Brussels trip in December 2020 but rescheduled to December 2021 when I saw that my preferred solo cabins were selling out before Tauck cancelled my original trip. I finally received an email from Tauck on July 15 that my 2021 tour IS scheduled to go. I've been looking forward to it ever since the cruise was first announced in early 2019 and already had to wait what seemed like forever. And then Covid happened.

    I have done the Rhine and Danube Christmas Markets cruises and was happy to see a new Christmas cruise. I don't expect much in the way of markets, but I just love Europe at Christmas. It's so different from where I live in California.

  • Europe at Christmastime is indeed a treat. I especially love the markets in Lyon. But my favorite will always be London; I joined a Smithsonian tour, Christmas in Victorian London, a few years ago. From the mince pies and Christmas crackers to the dazzling lights to our very, very British TD, I felt immersed in a Dickens novel. And then come Boxing Day, somehow the city returns to its old, familiar self.

  • We, too, are booked for this December. And like others, we've done both the Rhine and the Danube (a couple of times each actually) so this new one will be a treat. There is nothing like being at the Christmas Markets to start the season off on a joyous note. But Travelcrazy, the markets have become such a big business, something tells me that we will see many of them in the Netherlands and Belgium. I'm looking sooooo forward to it.

  • I’m booked with 7 friends on the Dec. 13th trip. Anyone else concerned about the new travel restrictions The Netherlands announced last week? For us traveling Brussels to Amsterdam I think it creates a very large problem with the quarantine policy. As we get closer to final payment I don’t really see any way to keep this it itinerary. You thoughts.

  • We were concerned about all the changes and the experience on a trip we were taking. We decided to rebook for 2022. Tauck allowed the funds in the insurance and trip to be applied to the new trip. Airfare is tricky depending on whether you booked with Tauck, whether you have paid for it, etc. Many airlines are offering liberal rebooking/credits, although I am starting to see some are starting to change their policies, especially in the domestic market. (some Tauck agents are quoting a $400 penalty of their airfare is fully paid; I pushed and found out if I rebook a trip it is held as a credit, like its wallet!)

    Anyway, a rebooked trip will likely cost more as well as the insurance. Small price to pay. I suggest that you challenge politely what the agent is telling you, as the result can vary. Some are just robots with a script; pther can actually communicate anddiscuss alternatives. Best time to change is before final payment.

  • I too moved our Brussels Christmas market cruise from 12/27/2021 to 12/27/2022. Europe has cancelled all Christmas markets so why go on the cruise. Have been on all of the other ones and since this is new wanted to go on it. So, we wait for the powers that be (government and CDC), to decide if we humans can travel again.

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