Oct 2021 In Freedom's Footsteps confirmed by TA from Tauck

Happy to hear our original 2020 Tauck trip has been officially re-scheduled for Sept 30 - Oct 11 small group which shows as SOLD OUT. Looking forward to another great Tauck adventure. Looking forward to my first visit to the Vietnam Wall.

Anyone else on this scheduled Tauck tour?


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    If you like art, I highly recommend visiting the Barnes Museum in Philly. It does take hours to do properly but it’s wonderful. So much to see in Philly.

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    Anyone touring with this small group (Oct 1 2021) affected by the new requirement for proof of vaccination?
    Anyone canceling do to this new requirement?
    We're excited to depart in 28 days after 2020 reschedule.

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    You mean you are not vaccinated..we don’t want you in our Philly then!

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    We are taking this tour starting on September 17th. Very glad about the vaccine requirement. We should be able to get our booster shot soon after we return from the trip.

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    Vaccinated.... but may not be funded. Wonder what that will do if not addressed? Nonessential government functions would cease until Congress adopts funding and President signs it into law. May have some garbage piling up.

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