Antarctica 1/22



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    For our two trips this summer, we got tested a total of ten times. Neither ship could operate all dining venues at the same time. They did not have enough employees, and the ships were not nearly full so a couple venues could easily handle all of the pax. The problem was getting their employees vaccinated before arriving at the ship, because the countries they come from don’t have adequate supplies of vaccines. Windstar has taken delivery of their third stretched and modified ‘Star’ boat, the “Star Pride”, but it will not sail until April. Our hotel manager on the “Star Breeze” was going to help ‘bring out’ the “Star Pride”. We are expecting four and a half inches of rain tomorrow in our drought stricken region. It has been raining for most of a week, so it could get exciting.

  • Cathy, I hope your daughter is improving and send you my best wishes.
    I’m really looking forward to your Antarctica report, especially your photos

  • Cathy, we too are so looking forward to meeting you and Steve. I know we're in for some good times aboard L'Austral!

    I think you're correct in doubting that we'll have "40 Chinese guests during these pandemic times". I've been watching Ponant's booking for this adventure, and as of yesterday, there were still 29 'empty' cabins, and additionally, even Tauck is still showing 1 "Deluxe Suite" as available, so I'm thinking (guessing) somewhere around 200-204 passengers. I guess we'll find out soon enough...

    Lastly, we, too, join others in wishing your daughter a very speedy recovery!

  • CathyandSteve: You are closer to departure than we are, so do you know how they get our sizes for the parkas? Do you know who makes the parka?

  • Our traveling companions have queried Tauck numerous times to get a definitive answer on the medical form question. Ponant has apparently agreed to accept medical forms that are less than a year old.

  • They will ask you for your parka size onboard the ship. I believe they distribute them following one of the safety briefings. You will go in groups, and when you get up to the table they will ask what size you want and give it to you.

  • I spoke with Tauck concerning boots. There is a form in your cabin to be filled out and handed it. If your size is 13 or above,told you should like them know before the tour.

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