Covid vaccine travelers vs non vaccine travelers

If one person on the tour, that doesn’t get covid 19 vaccine, and chooses to bring a neg Covid test 5 days before arriving, gets sick on TAUCK trip with covid, mean tour gets terminated/cancelled for everyone on that same tour? Meaning everyone ON THAT TOUR would have to cut trip short and fly home or go into quarantine of that state they are in at the time? Does TAUCK insurance cover loss of trip? Could not find this info anywhere on their website!


  • Jo by all your posts on this topic, it sounds like you are getting really stressed. Rather than getting the info third hand from people who haven't traveled in the US yet this year, just give Tauck a call. If they are busy, just wait on hold for a very short while and you'll be given the opportunity to arrange a call back. Trust me, it works.

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    I did call. TAUCK person said it’s handled differently based on which state you are in. Which really didn’t address my question of what happens if someone does get sick? Does everyone have cut the trip short and fly home? Does TAUCK insurance cover this?

  • Call Tauck Guest Relations.

  • We did call guest relations

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    I think it's way too early to know what will happen. Relax. I have had very good experiences with the Tauck guest protection insurance on the two trips that I needed to use it. And, when my last Tauck tour could not access many sites in Israel andJordan in March 2020 because of Covid closures, Tauck -- completely unsolicited -- sent me a check to compensate for the lost touring. I'm confident that Tauck will take care of you.

  • I leave June 12 so excited to go!

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