Tour beginning August 27th

We just signed up for this tour and would love to know who else might be on this tour as well!


  • Have a great trip! I'm on the 8/29 tour so just miss you by 2 days. There is another member who was recently active on the boards who will be on this tour with you. Hopefully she will see this and post to you!

  • Hi Mary - Actually this is the same tour Dennis and I are doing. We're very excited it is happening!

  • Hi - we actually changed our tour to the Sept 13th one!!! Sorry we will miss you. I am worried if it doesn't happen now with the Delta outbreak exploding! Have a great time! Let me know any tips from your experience!!!!

  • We arrived yesterday. No one has asked to see our Vax card or the Swiss QR code. Delta did check both. Also at CDG. People in Lausanne wear masks indoors but not out. Hand sanitizers are everywhere and masks too if you need. Lausanne is beautiful!

  • Mazalea, thanx so much. We are checked in for flights tomorrow. Will be right on your heels. Best of luck on the tour.

  • We will be on 16 September tour. Have fun!

  • Arrived today! Beautiful hotel and the lake views are stunning! Showed our vax card with our passports at check in at the airport and passport control. Hotel did not ask for vax card. Swiss QR code never checked.

  • We are on the Sept 6 tour- please keep posting - getting excited…

  • Zermatt is fantastic! As in Lausanne we wear masks in hotels except for eating and drinking, in shops, on bus and train but it’s been fine. Plenty of space on the bus to spread out. This tour is packed with events. We’ve just had 2 days and already have done so much ! I think the staff here is really happy to see Tauck back, too.

  • Mazalea - I’m right behind you. Just arrived in Zermatt today. So far have great rooms with awesome views. Looking forward to the Matterhorn tomorrow!

  • Guys - just heard about Italy requiring covid test in addition to vaccination - are any of you in Italy or going there?

  • Malcolm - we were just in Italy today and didn’t have to stop at the border and only had our CDC card and passport (for verification purposes) checked at Isola Bella today.

  • We only had cdc card checked at isola bella with its beautiful gardens But the new rules will require the COVID test.

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