Rendezvous on the Seine

I’d love to hear from anyone who took this trip at the beginning of August 2021. We’re booked on the August 27th departure and are still on the fence. Interested in your experience with Covid restrictions, the protest situation in Paris, any itinerary changes or other disruptions to the trip. We know Tauck will take good care of us in terms of our health and safety, just still wondering if we should risk it. Thanks in advance.


  • We are going wherever they let us go. You obviously have ‘reservations’. I can almost guarantee that there will be ‘changes and disruptions’. In this travel environment you must be flexible. If you cannot ‘roll with the punches’, travel right now might be a disappointment. We are ready to go from point A to point B, and expect that what happens in between will not necessarily be in the printed itinerary. There were a few people on our last trip that expected a BVI cruise, and were disappointed that the BVI closed a day or so before we sailed. We went to nowhere on the original itinerary except where we originated in Sint Maarten. Most of the people had a wonderful time and ‘couldn’t’ care less where we went. We were traveling. If your travel plans are more ‘defined’, you probably should not go.

  • France has strikes all the time, as long as it’s not the airlines, I would not be concerned. That’s why we never fly Air France

  • Believe me, we can roll with the punches, I’ve traveled to Europe dozens of times. I’ve also been following this forum for months. I know the issues and all the pros and cons. I posted this in hopes of hearing from someone with actual current experience.

  • Wife and I will be going on the 18-OCT Rendezvous trip (FINALLY) after being twice cancelled. Our motto is: "if Tauck goes, we go"! After 23 trips with Tauck (including right after India's terrorist attack in Mumbai), we are confident that Tauck takes all reasonable precautions and will look out for us. We will follow mask protocols even though all of us Taucktorians on board (and crew) will be fully vaccinated. Also, we will grudgingly take a PCR test before we leave the USA just in case, even though it is not a requirement.
    I will report again after our trip.

  • We were in the sept 30 cruise and had a great time. The tour leaders and the ships crew were super and felt very safe with Covid protocols in place . No one on our trip tested positive and we had 55 folks on our tour. Have fun !!

  • I'm curious whether the onboard fitness centers are open? And if not, were the docking locations conducive to getting off the boat to go for an early morning run? Can't wait to get there!!!

  • The fitness center was open - you just had to book an appt but someone in our tour ran every day on treadmill and never had a problem - as far as getting off for an early morning run - it varies depending on what port we were in but often the tours were leaving pretty early in AM so maybe a Late afternoon run might work better on some days

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