Switzerland: Europe's Crown Jewel - Sept. 6th anyone?



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    To answer Malcolm's questions

    -how long do you spend at high elevation sites (Gornergrat and Jungfraujoch)? - we were up at Gornergrat about an hour but you could take the next train back if you wanted or do the partial hike down which is what we did - not a hard hike - rocky in places - several pauses - for Jungfrau it was about 2-2 1/2 hours

    -on day travelling on Glacier Express do you have lunch on train, after, or not at all? Similarly ?food at Jungfraujoch - we were fed lunch on the train and it wasn't a small group tour so that seems to be the standard - they serve you at your seat which has tables in between them - real plates and glassware

    -do you plan to tip in CHF for tourguide/driver? - we tipped the amount Tauck recommends - $10 per day per person for the TD an $7 for the driver

    • on Italy we had 2 dips in - the day at Stressa and the next day driving along Lake Comi we took a taxi ride to Bellagio for an hour or shopping - had to show CDC cards at both but they were enough

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