Lalanne Sculpture Exhibit at the Trianon

Just learned of an interesting event at Versailles. From the Versailles official website:

"From 19 June to 10 October 2021, the Palace of Versailles will have the honour of hosting “The Lalanne at Trianon” in partnership with Galerie Mitterrand. This exhibition will present works by sculptors Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne along a visit route that leads from the gardens of the Petit Trianon to the Queen's Hamlet."

It requires a ticket to the Trianon complex - 12 euros - but it's pretty easy to get as you don't need to book online ahead of time like the chateau visits. We've toured the Grand and Petite Trianon palaces on our last visit but the Queens Hamlet was under some reconstruction so this looks like a good use for our time. The photos look interesting - sheep, a donkey, weird chickens, etc.

Warning to those who've never been to the Waldorf-Astoria - it's 0.8 miles from the hotel to the Trianon complex. You can do a lot of walking in the 2,000 acres of Versailles.


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    Thank you for sharing this Claudia!!

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    Thanks so much! I guess the walking is part of the reason why we don’t gain too much weight on these trips despite the amount of food and wine we consume 🙄

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    Claudia, did you find this exhibition worthwhile? Looking forward to hearing from you and Kim upon your return about the trip in general and even mundane things like need for the pass sanitaire, seating in bus, etc. Safe travels!

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    taxare - I believe Claudia will be traveling home tomorrow from this trip. I was w/her on the Switzerland tour before this trip (she did back to back tours). I know she couldn't log on for some reason to the forums so I'm sure she'll answer once she gets settled back home. Enjoy your trip!

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    taxare - Claudia emailed me and asked me to post the below so this is from Claudia:

    Yes, I enjoyed the sculptures as part of touring the gardens around the Trianon complex - in particular the Queens Hamlet which had been under wraps last visit due to some refurbishment. Plus it was a beautiful day. Fyi, Tauck paid for Passport Versailles tickets with timed entry at the chateau for self guided tour. Recommend loading the Versailles app to your phone before arriving. Can use it or the audio guides.

    Never had to have a pass sanitaire- CDC card was fine. Though I did finally get my yesterday after 2 tries and weeks of wait. Long story on that.

    We only had 9 on our tour but a full sized bus with plenty of room for spacing. Masks required. After a few nights of sitting next to one another at meals we decided there maybe wasn't such a need.

    Will answer more when I get home.

    Ps - for anyone going to Paris in the next year, they are doing alot of pre-2024 Olympics refurbishment. Many iconic sites covered in scaffolding. Plus the Arch de Triumph being under wraps in honor of Christo.

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    Kathy, thank you for sharing the note from Claudia. I personally find it hard to post while on tour, so we are appreciative!

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