Canyonlands Sept 6

Does anyone know if the excursions to the Navajo nation are going yet? If not does anyone know what excursions they provide instead? I know the Lake cruise is out. We are going on the September 6 trip and were really looking forward to the Monument Valley trip.


  • I understand the Slot Canyons tour and the Flightseeing are likely to be canceled as well.

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    These are the best parts of the tour, what a shame, Flightseeing was awesome

  • I hope not. I wonder what we will do instead?

  • We are booked on this trip next month. Would love to hear of anyone’s experiences. I hear the water is extremely low and all boating is not likely. If flights are cancelled too, yikes. Thanks you for any information! Travel safely all!

  • From the digital green book for the Sept 12 tour:
    Due to COVID-19 regulations, the Navajo Nation Tribal Park has only recently reopened with limited services and reduced capacity.
    If this is still the case during your tour, it may not be possible to do the Monument Valley flightseeing and land tour, and all guests who have purchased this option will receive a full refund (communication from Tauck will follow).
    If the capacity restrictions remain, it will also not be possible to do the Slot Canyon Jeep tour. Alternate sightseeing will be arranged to allow you a similar experience outside the Navajo Nation. All guests will still be able to do the Rainbow Bridge Flightseeing for a scenic 30-minute flight over Lake Powell and the natural formations of Glen Canyon including the Rainbow Bridge rock arch, the largest natural sandstone arch in the world.

  • @Wayside - thanks so much for the input. I'm on the 10/1 trip. Looks like almost everything for the two nights at Lake Powell aren't going to happen - in their original form.....

  • When we took our Canyonlands tour, we had the options of see Antelope Canyon or the boat trip on Lake Powell. We chose the Canyon. On the day there was a flash flood warning, so they canceled the Canyon. When those of us on that tour asked if we could do the boat instead, they said there was no room. When the boat people got back, they told us the boat was half empty, boy was everyone annoyed. Me being me, I said not to worry, Tauck was bound to give us a bit of a refund, they are wonderful etc etc and I cheered people up, but no, we never heard a thing. I would take the tour again in a heartbeat, so sorry everybody will miss meeting the Navajo in their teepee and the wonderful ‘Cowboy’ landscape.

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