Rhine Enchantment, Amsterdam to Milan

Do you know when they allow people on the ship on Day 1? Also on Day 2 in Amsterdam, the tour book says Amsterdam & canal boat cruise? Has anyone gone on this tour and know what that means? Is it a Day with Tauck or a morning with Tauck and then we are on our own until we board again in the evening? Our cruise uses the Sofitel for the "cruise" hotel in Amsterdam -- is it worth the price? Thanks!


  • SuneeDays,

    Embarkation is at 1600 in Amsterdam. The canal boat cruise through Amsterdam is a highlight of your stay there. You will be fed a very light lunch--it might be just coffee and dessert-- as you view the sights of Amsterdam along its canals. You will also learn about life on the houseboats that line the canals, some of which are quite luxurious. Tauck will then escort you back to the riverboat. You might, however, have some free time. I am not familiar with the Sofitel, so I cannot comment on that. Tauck does, however, choose very nice accommodations in centrally located areas.

    I hope this helps. Enjoy your trip!

  • Sofitel was the hotel Tauck put us in for the Holland in Spring tour. (looks like they are using another hotel now.) Our room was nice and they let us in early. The food so-so. Location was good. Not sure it was worth the price. We used our free night. You might want to explore other options.

  • The boat cruise is a nice introduction to Amsterdam, a bit touristy, so if you already know the city, or have been on this in-town cruise before, imo time spent in neighborhoods such as De 9 Straatjes, the Nine Streets, or at the Tropen Museum, which looks at the history of colonialism, would be better use of scarce time.

  • We took this trip in 2019 in the other direction. The canal cruise was very nice for a touristy thing. We were served a full lunch with salad, chicken entree and dessert. It was actually quite good. After we took a bus tour of the city. Got off near the Anne Frank house and had tickets for that tour.

  • We also took the tour ending in Amsterdam. Tauck stayed at a funky hotel which some people hated, can’t recall the name off hand, we enjoyed it and stayed on two extra days. Breakfast was at a restaurant on the roof with fantastic views. It was very central. I guess Tauck may have changed the hotel after some negative reviews. That was an expensive hotel, most are expensive in peak season in Amsterdam because the city is so popular. So much to see.

  • _We also took the tour ending in Amsterdam. Tauck stayed at a funky hotel which some people hated, can’t recall the name off hand__

    The hotel was the W. We did not like it but you stayed in building across the street and I think that was different from our side.

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    We left the boat in Amsterdam in August 2019, not staying beyond our trip having spent time there two other trips. I would comment that the Swisshotel in Basel was less than impressive. Location was a good distance from city center…we took the streetcars or walked…not a memorable hotel compared to the usual Tauck level of luxe.

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