Any Time for Golf?

We're on the Grand NE Tour departing Sept 25 and I see that 2 places we're staying have golf courses. Since my husband is a golfer and goes thru something kin to withdrawal when he can't play for two weeks, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's enough free time to play a round at Equinox or Mount Washington? Thanks for your help!


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    We've not done Grand NE, just the shorter Hidden Gems. It looks like there may be one morning and one afternoon where you may have enough time, but I would consider these points. Foremost, your husband will likely want to book T times well ahead and tour itineraries are always subject to change. That is always a danger in attempting to do additional activities on your own unless you do them before or after the tour. I don't think he will want and may not be able to take his own clubs, so will need to rent them at the course. Finally, Tauck runs a busy tour, free or down time is usually limited but is often a welcome opportunity to rest or do just light activities. He might also be limited to just 9 holes. As to specifics, maybe a previous traveler will weigh in.

  • Hi, HoneyFW.

    I do recall that several individuals played golf shortly after we arrived at the Omni Mount Washington. However, that was many years ago, so I don't know the itinerary these days. If you know for sure that there will be free time, you can always contact the hotel directly and inquire about booking slots for golf. Your tour director can assist, as well.

    This is a beautiful hotel with magnificent grounds in a pristine setting. We have done this tour twice and will do so again now that Maine has been re-added. Regarding Maine, if you are a fan of LL Bean it is a very short walk from the Harraseeket Inn to their store.

    Enjoy your trip!

  • Thanks for the help. He definitely won't be taking his own clubs! He can get a tee time and then cancel if time is tight or the schedule changes. Our travel agent confirmed with Tauck two possible windows of time. We always meet people on Tauck tours who are also golfers -- wish Tauck would somehow add that in as an option. Thanks again!

  • We don't golf, but that could possibly be a niche for Tauck to look specifically geared for avid golf enthusiasts at renowned resorts in the U. S. Regarding your tour, can you imagine someone lugging golf clubs around just for a few hours of golf? Absurd!

    Please be sure to post a review upon your return!

  • I've learned from being married to a golfer for 50 yrs that golf clubs travel with us most of the time! He now has a tee time and clubs reserved. I'll post a review in October!

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