We canceled our July 2022 tour today. Tauck could not help us get better flights without very long layovers which if nothing changes would prevent us from being able to get testing within the time frame. Zimbabwe are also stricter on countries which have high Delta variant prevalence. If you arrive from one of those countries, even if your testing is negative, you have to quarantine. In fact we just got a STEP notification about this. We are very sad, we booked this new trip as soon as we saw it a long time ago. We couldn’t wait and see any longer because so many tours are fully booked for 2022.
We have booked Grand Alaska instead! We got one of the last cabins.
A big thank you to Alan S for his advice on this, it’s stopped a lot of worry!


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    And thanks to Cathy about cruising knowledge too!

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    Saw you canceled your July 2022 trip. We are booked for August 2022. Wondering if we should hang in there and see if things change or cancel too.

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    It’s a hard choice, only you can decide what to do. We have already taken six Africa tours. The Southern Africa tours are much harder to fly to. What are your flights like? If they don’t have long layovers like ours, it will be much easier for you. If the rules don’t change, then Tauck will have to cancel anyway. The thought of being sent to a government run quarantine facility is a bit frightening. We have experienced Zimbabwe immigration officials before and they ain’t friendly. We will go again. What we didn’t want to find was that there were no tours left to book anywhere else, we’ve taken a lot of Tauck tours so we’ve got less to chose. The agent today said they are overwhelmed with people booking out 2022 tours.

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