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  • I guess the time of year has an influence on docking locations. We were on the last Douro cruise of 2021 and most of the docking spots were in the midst of most towns. We only saw one other riverboat--a German one.

    Just like gafly26482, I would take this tour again!

    That's a shame about not being able to stay at the Westin Palace Hotel for your trip, BSP51. I don't know where the InterContinental is in Madrid but hopefully it is close to the museums. Madrid is such a beautiful and walkable city, as is Lisbon.

  • Kfnknfzk - Thanks! I’m sure wherever Tauck puts us it will be 5⭐️.

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    Absolutely, BSP51. I did just look up the InterContinental and it looks very nice. It is about a 1/2 hour walk from the Westin. If you are given free time after the Prado visit, it is well worth going inside the Westin to have refreshments in the rotunda area. I'm sure some tire of my accolades of the Iberian Peninsula, but it is truly one of my favorite regions in Europe.

    By the way, your dog is beautiful. Chocolate lab?

  • Kfnknfzk - She is a great dog. Rescue. I think her mother was a loose woman.

  • Patrice, Tauck ran the shuttle after the morning city tour, one drop off and two return times; totally on your own, no counting heads or looking for folks. Don’t know if there are pax restrictions for the taxis, and COVID rules are too fluid to predict.

  • gafly, where were the drop off locations for the shuttle? It looks like the tour is mostly in Belem so I'd assume that but could easily be wrong.

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    When I did this trip, Tauck's bus driver, Sergio, dropped us off and picked us up at one stop along Avenida da Liberdade, a very nice boulevard in Lisbon. There was only one drop off time but several pick up times. I think this is what gafly26482 was referring to.

    The boulevard is where the locals go for high-end shopping--mostly the same brands found in the U. S.-- but it has some nice cafes for refreshments and people watching. Actually, you can walk the boulevard down to the water but you would be on your own getting back. There are some beautiful limestone mosaics lining portions of the boulevard--extremely slippery, however, when wet!

  • Claudia, dropped off near Praça dos Restauradores. LOL, I matched the photo I took of the monument in that plaza, remembered seeing the Hard Rock sign on a building on the other side, and found it in the online map, and that’s what that monument is called. Between the Rossio and Chiado sections. Easy walk from the drop to Chiado. Who knows where or if a subsequent tour will do the same. Our two TDs left when we did, having handled this tour for a couple of months. I quickly realized the benefits of having experienced and personable TDs and their willingness and ability to make our trip special.

  • Oooooh, and the morning tour in Belem is worth taking again just for the hot Pastéis de Belém our TDs handed us as we exited the monastery.

  • Thanx guys. Very helpful. If all goes to plan we arrive Lisbon early on our Gift of Time day plus have most of the next before the welcome dinner so I'm trying to plan our time. One of the things I want to do is go to the Time Out Market so I was considering staying nearer Belem after the day 2 tour. But maybe I'll rearrange the plan. Can't wait to try the Pasteis de Belem. I doubt those will be the only ones I eat.

  • If you have the chance, step inside the famous pastry shop (pastries elsewhere are also good), as it is lovely architecture plus has azulejos and other decorative elements. Belem is a short bus ride from hotel and you can walk back from Time Out Market, which is quite colorful and a great photo stop - check out the fish motif on bathroom walls! Btw I know Restauradores well b/c airport buses leave from there.

  • Looking forward to all the tile everywhere. Hoping to go to the Tile Museum.

  • Less than two weeks away. After all the lockdowns...I just can't wait! Thanks for all the tips. I never heard of the Time Out Market until yesterday. Now it's at the top of the list for the free day before the tour starts.

  • Good luck triguy, it's likely to be busy. I'm hoping less so come late Oct. I've watched so many youtube videos of Portugal and Spain travel and food. My favorite is the Epic LISBON Food Tour by Spain Revealed. He's part of Devour Food tours but has also done loads for food videos of Spain and some other countries. Can't wait to read your trip report.

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