Yes, You can travel with confidence.

Austin Girl here, signing under hubbys name.
Just arriving back home from Morocco, and I have to report my wonderful experiences to you.
I wanted to report to you my thoughts on traveling during the pandemic. I love the fact that Tack and other countries make the vaccine mandatory. I only wish USA would be as firm as other countries. Once you give your Vaccine status and show your card to Tauck, you never have to pull it out again. They waltz you ahead of all the other lines. Although we kept it in our room safe, we had copies on our phone just in case the need arises. I have friends that took a river cruise on another tour company, and they had to show their card every time they got of the ship and in every restaurant they went in. The airlines will make you keep your mask on the whole time. We were in first class and although they enforced this, you were able to snuggle under your covers through the night and take the mask off. (Both the night eye mask AND the face mask was a little hyperventilating)
Tauck will ask you to keep your mask on at all times except in your room or when you eat. I have to tell you I thought this was going to be a problem, but it really wasn’t a big deal at all. Just be sure you bring a comfortable mask, and bring plenty. Even the disposable ones are great because you can just throw it away at the end of the day. You never know when their contaminated on the outside. Especially when we were walking through the dirty Medina in Morocco. Be sure to have a little bottle of sanitizer in your purse.

What I am tickled to share with you my eager travelers; it never occurred to me that the other guest on the trip were avid travelers like me!! During these peculiar times it’s the road warriors like all of you, are the ones that are itching to get back on the road. There were no newbie’s in the group, it was just us gutsy travers aching to live out of a suitcase again. The newbie's were all at home shaking, “What if?” Everyone in our group was highly respectful of each other’s time. Not once were we waiting on the bus for anyone, nor did we need reminding to wear our mask. There was no whining or complaining. Everyone knew the bus seat assignments and all the normal protocols that go along with Tauck so there was no explaining why they do it this way. No complaining about small rooms, weird bathrooms, or yucky food and NO ICE. There was a lot of laughter and comradery. It was truly a pleasure to travel along with these experienced travelers.

Even though we were a smaller group than usual (11), there somehow needs to be that person who rushes to the front to take their picture and is in everyone’s shot. Or that person who always has more questions after the TG tells you everything you need to know. I think this is a Tauck mandate that these must be included in every tour no matter how small. I guess those are the facts of life that were not all cut from the same mold, nor would we want to be. But even so, the rest of the mature travelers didn’t make a big deal about it or let it ruin our day. We laughed and kept on trucking. Our terrific tour guide Nicole did an amazing job. Smooth as butter.

So I want to encourage you timid travelers to book your next trip. Your in really good hands with Tauck, and they will not take you where they know we should not be going whether it’s medically or a country that is in turmoil. I’ll report more under the Morocco discussions about our recent trip once I get through unpacking...


  • Thanks for your report. Glad Tauck helped make your travels so easy. We haven’t taken a Tauck tour in two years and so look forward to the Best of Hawaii in early February, Israel-Jordan (hopefully) in late April, and Kenya- Tanzania in mid-August. We cannot wait to get out in the world again!

  • AustinGirl—when you finish unpacking and catch up on your sleep, I would love to hear about the trip! I’m set to go next year. I welcome any suggestions! Nancy

  • Mrs. H, Thanks for your insights. If you traveled with Nicole K, her enthusiasm is infectious, her knowledge boundless, as we discovered on the very first Puglia tour. Or if another Nicole, then glad you also traveled with a great TD.

  • Give me a day or two, perhaps on the weekend. And I’ll spill all the details. It’s a wonderful trip. So glad we experienced it.

  • Austin girl...hey! We were on the Nov. 10-20 tour. Saw Nicole and her group in Marrakesh at the hotel because we were 3 days apart from the next group.

    It was a great trip, right? I was emotional before our flight even took off...just so excited to be traveling again. And then felt the same at the farewell dinner - not sure when we'll travel again. LOVED everything about Morocco- culture, history, people, food. Felt so safe and well cared for by Tauck and our TD. We had 10 people on our tour, including myself and my husband. Nice group of people who had been on many Tauck tours. We had gorgeous weather, except for some rain in Essouria. I didn't shop much, but picked up a beautiful leather jacket at the Tannery, and, of course, lots of spices and Argan oil. And pottery. And a scarf. And honey.

    People- don't fear travel! I'm so glad we chose this trip at this time. Life is too short to deprive ourselves of things we love to do. If you choose wisely, you can travel safely. Luckily, Morocco had very low Covid numbers, which helped with our comfort level.

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