Castles on the Rhine Bridges trip 2022

My husband and I are scheduled to take our 11 year old grand daughter on this trip starting June 28, 2022. I’m wondering what to expect because of all the Covid mess. I’m interested to get to know some others that will be on the trip. Has anyone traveled since Covid?


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    Very hard at this point to know what to expect. I'm one of thousands who traveled with Tauck last year and literally right up to the moment our tours started I wasn't sure if they would get canceled or how well they would turn out. Was very lucky and had 2 outstanding tours but it was very stressful leading up to them and I had to stay on top of the situation in each country we were traveling to and airports transiting thru. Not to mention the worry we'd have a positive test just before returning and not allowed on the plane home.

    Tauck tries to keep people up to date but I'd recommend regularly checking news sites for what is happening in the countries you'll be traveling thru. The requirements and restrictions keep changing. And just because they are in the EU or in the Schengen zone, each country makes its own rules.

    I'd recommend reading thru lots of old posts here on the forum. Not just for your cruise but other river cruises covering the same countries. And even some of the land tours you'll glean what's happening in that country and travelers experience getting there.

    Some things you can count on: requirement to be vaccinated at a minimum and likely boosted as well by June, requirement to wear masks at least indoors when not eating/drinking (the type may be dictated by the country), probably will need to be tested at least once if not more.

    Be informed. Be flexible.

    Best of luck.

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    In addition to the aforementioned informative comments, you can rest assured that Tauck will have your safety in mind at all times. Although I did not travel your specific route, nor did I travel with children, there were many COVID protocols in place on the riverboat I traveled on in Nov 2021 such as the following: proof of vaccination, attestation forms dictated by certain countries, COVID testing (possibly numerous times), temperature and other wellness tests, strict mask requirements on board, at hotels, restaurants, museums, et al.

    It is quite possible that the protocols will be even more stringent when traveling with children. Although it may seem intrusive, it is for your safety and the safety of others.

    Hopefully, someone else who has recently traveled with children will be able to offer more specific information. Best wishes and safe travels.

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    Hi we haven't travelled since COVID - but our 8 year old niece and 16 year old son will be on the trip!

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