For those who enjoyed traveling with Rob White....Tauck sent out an invitation to a webinar on Thursday about Churchill and the polar bears. Rob White will be one of the presenters.


  • Does anyone know if we can register for the webinar (and if so, where) if we weren't sent the invitation? Thanks.

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    Go to
    Scroll all the way down to the listing of "departments"
    Select The Taucker Blog
    Select Churchill
    Scroll down to the RSVP button

    I normally receive all the webinar invitations but didn't get this one either.

  • Thank you!

  • My pleasure. I'll "see" you on the webinar!

  • The webinars are always recorded and made available by the next day. You can see them via the Taucker.
    Rob is definitely one of our favorites. We’ve met lots of people who have taken the Polar bear tour, they all loved it.
    We did not get the I’m ire either.

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    It has been awhile since I was last on Tauck's polar bear tour, but I loved it. A lot of interesting experiences. Here is one that I had and posted a few comments about it elsewhere here. :-). One of many interesting experiences on that short tour. One day the group was out on the Tundra with the transporter vehicle (we did see quite a few polar bears along the way). We stopped around midday to drink some hot chocolate on the transporter; I believe that most, if not all, of the windows on the vehicle were closed. While I was outside at the back of the vehicle, I heard a loud "thump." I looked around the side of the vehicle and saw this hugh polar bear up on its hind legs with its paws against the transporter and its face looking from the outside against one of the windows on the transporter. Apparently, it had smelled the hot chocolate and decided it was time for lunch! LOL. :-). I do not know whom inside the tundra transporter was sitting near that window, but he/she probably had a heart attack when that polar bear's face was at that window! LOL. :-). I am sure that one of those obsessed photo takers missed a golden opportunity then. LOL. :-)

  • tomh - I am guessing getting back in the transporter with the polar bear right there was a religious experience.

  • BSP51. It did not bother me at all; I was not the one who may have been seated in the seat next to that window on the transporter. LOL. :-)

  • is there any "dressy" night on the trip? We're going in October. Anything else we should know before we go? I assume it's cold!

  • If by "dressy" you mean jackets for men and dresses for women, absolutely not. Dress for warmth and comfort, especially in October. For the welcome and farewell dinners, you might wish to wear nice sweaters and slacks. Enjoy!

  • There isn’t anything dressy required for the Churchill Manitoba Canada trip.

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