My review of this new tour PART ONE



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    Wow, great information from everyone! We are going in March 2024. You all gave me lots to think about! I do have one question! on Day 6 -Badwater Basin and Artists Palette- Morning tour then "Return to the Lodge for lunch, then it's your choice: spend the afternoon at the Inn enjoying the pool, the spa, tennis or a game of golf..." Can Tauck set up a golf tee time for us or do we do this ourselves? It seems to suggest that there is a choice of activities and maybe Tauck can arrange them? I would love to play a round of golf, and I see there is a rental club option! Has anyone opted for this? Looks like golf is ideal at this time of year!

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    edited November 2023

    Sorry, too long ago for me to recall now and don’t play golf.

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    Thanks for responding!

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    edited December 2023

    I've set up golf games during a couple of Tauck tours. I always did it myself by contacting the pro shop. In my experience, the pro shop was very willing to help and the rental clubs were almost new. Bring a bag of balls - they don't take much room in your luggage.

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