Sicilian Odyssey 2022

We're scheduled on The Sicilian Odyssey in early May, 2022 ~ anyone else going??


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    We will be on the one starting May 20th, but will arrive the 19th. Would like to know of anyone else doing likewise. After kicking this down the road twice, really glad to finally be able to go!
    Bill and Betty from (near) Baltimore

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    We are booked for the September/October 2022 trip. What's the best way to fly from Sicily Catania-Fontanarossa Airport (CTA) to Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP)? Can anyone suggest?

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    May have to go through Rome. There are plenty of sites like Expedia that will give you this info.

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    Bigbear, I hope you will post a review of your trip. I’m going May of 2023 and looking for impressions of the trip.

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    edited July 2022

    If you want to do some background research, I like looking at tour itineraries; met woman who runs Experience Sicily at a travel show. She has a variety of themed tours, but alas mostly in months that are too warm for me. If I return to Sicily, it will be in winter, maybe for Christmas. The company also has food events in NYC area and online, incl. a cannoli-making workshop, a great way to prepare for your tour.

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    Wrong forum.

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