CPAP machine in Japan

edited February 2022 in Essence of Japan

I discovered today while reading up about a future trip to Japan, that if you use a CPAP machine, you must obtain a "Yakkan Shoumei" which is a sort of import license that you must show Customs on arrival in Japan. Thought some people out there might like to know if they are CPAP users.


  • Unless things have changed recently there wasn't a problem at the Tokyo airport with a CPAP. I used to hate it when our only non-stop flight to Europe was landing at the Frankfurt airport. I always was fearful of missing a connecting flight because the screeners took so much time in checking out a CPAP. Thankfully, I think those days are behind us.

  • We always bring one hundred singles of the latest ‘series’, and twenty fives. They go mostly to bellmen, concierge, and room service. The TD gets larger bills primarily twenties as hundreds and fifties can be difficult if not impossible to deal with out of the country.

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