St Petersburg and the Baltic will it get canceled

We have spoken to Tauck several times. More than likely they are going to reroute the trip & remove Saint Petersburg from the itinerary. However, I feel much of the rest the tour is still too close to Russia. It is evident that Putin has very little regard for civilian life and being that the tour is in the Baltic, this may be a riskier issue than we think. Since Tauck leases the ships and does not own them, they must wait for the ship owners to cancel on them just, like we must wait for Tauck to cancel on us in order to get all of our money back.
It is our hope that Tauck cancels the entire itinerary and allows us to move it to another trip that’s far away from this terrible conflict.
Prayers for all Ukrainian people.


  • edited March 2022

    If you have Tauck’s insurance, you can cancel. But before you do, look for another tour that you like and has space and then you can transfer everything over to that. What is annoying and a risk is waiting and waiting for them to cancel the tour, by which time, anywhere else you want to go will likely be full. We are risking this with two of the tours we have booked where the countries are still closed. If it was me, I would not want to go if we could not visit St. Petersburg because that would be the highlight for me. I’m thinking that the Warsaw, Vienna, Budapest, Prague tour is likely to have an itinerary change. We loved visiting Warsaw and Krakow.

  • Tauck sometimes cancels when Ponant presses on. Tauck canceled the Feb. 8 Antarctica trip, but Ponant went anyway. I mentioned that here in case anyone would just like to rebook with Ponant. But, if you are waiting expecting Ponant to cancel, you may wait a long time.

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