Looking for travelers for July 24-31, 2022 who want to still go on the helicopter tour!

Does anyone want to go on the previously scheduled and included helicopter tour, but now cancelled? We are willing to book our own longer tour through Alpine Helicopter Tours on Day 7 when we are in Banff and have the whole day free. It is only 20-25 minute ride to the Heliport and a $60 taxi ride one way which we could share in the cost. We will also be contacting Alpine Helicopter Tours to see if they might provide us with transportation instead. Please respond to this discussion if interested.


  • You may want to rethink this. When we did the tour years ago, the helicopter tour operated from a heliport in Canmore. That's about an hour's drive from Lake Louise and much closer to Banff. The road into Lake Louise is often jammed as there is limited parking and it backs up the traffic. My guess is that you can book a helicopter tour from Banff and get the transportation to the heliport included. Search the web for "Banff helicopter tours" or contact the concierge at the Banff Springs Hotel.

  • I understood what you were trying to do. However, it would be much more practical to do the helicopter tour on your free day in Banff (day 7).

  • Ken from Vegas you are sooooo smart! Anyone interested in taking a helicopter tour on day 7 from Banff? It is 20-25 minute ride to the heliport, (taxi cost is $60 one way and we could share it.) Let us know if you are interested!

  • Thank you so much for your suggestion, Ken from Vegas!

  • You're very welcome. While you're in Banff, be sure to have an ice cream at C.O.W.S. The best in Canada. I recommend the Mooey Gooey.

  • Do you recommend morning or afternoon helicopter flight? Thanks for the ice cream recommendation!

  • When it was on the tour, it was done as a mid-morning flight and that was fine. The timing was more to do with the fact that it was done on the drive to Lake Louise than anything else. Personally, I'd do it in the morning so that you can get it out of the way and have the rest of the day free. The afternoon would be fine, too. By the way, I think the reason it was dropped from the tour was that so many people chickened out (about 1/3 of our group as I recall). So they ended up paying for a flight they never took. They couldn't make it an optional add-on because it was done as part of a travel day. So they dropped it from the tour and you arrive at Lake Louise earlier in the day (not a bad thing).

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