Apparently this does happen!

On our recent Tauck tour, we paid for two extra post tour nights through Tauck. When we were checking out, the Ritz Carlton said we had only paid for one extra night. We disputed and a new bill was given to us minus a night. We discovered a few days ago on our new CC bill that the hotel did charge us for the night again four days later. We called the CC company and they more or less accused my husband of lying and that the account they received from Ritz C was what we owed. We had a different bill of curse. We called the hotel and explained, they seemed clueless and appeared to think our Tour Director was supposed to pay for the nights, we said no, the TD does not do that. This is a new tour and I think ours was only the third one. . We tried to call Tauck, Guest relations, left a call back number. Twenty four hours later when they called us back, we were out. We called again this morning and spoke to a very helpful Tauck person, who was going to sort things out, we hope. Apparently this does happen with people who stay later. Please check you CC bills carefully.


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    That's unfortunate, British. Mistakes certainly do happen.

    When we check into a hotel pre-tour, I always confirm with the hotel by showing them the Tauck hotel reservation number. Granted, it was certainly easier when Green Books were published. Then, at checkout, I always scrutinize the bill. I follow the same process at the post-tour hotel. The morning of the final tour day, I once again go to the reception desk to confirm my post-tour days. Actually, Tauck has suggested doing this on many of our tours. Upon checkout, I scrutinize the bill again before signing it.

    I'm surprised this occurred at the caliber of a hotel such as Ritz Carlton. I am sure Tauck will rectify the situation for you. It is unfortunate, however.

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    Thanks for your message kfnknfzk, we did everything you do, but they still did what they did!

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