Anne Frank House

We are on the cruise leaving May 18th. After many problems we landed tickets at 0900 on the 18th. They are holding three, We only need two. If anyone is interested reply to [email protected]


  • Lois B,

    Although you will not be reimbursed should you decide to do this, you could donate the ticket back to the museum and they, in turn, can pay it forward by giving someone a "free" admission. I have done this once in Europe and twice in NYC with theater tickets. You can contact the museum via e-mail to see if this is a viable option. Good luck.

  • Our Amsterdam/Belgium cruise was postponed another week and I had 2 sets of tickets to the Anne Frank house. You are not allowed to resell them. Not sure if you can give them away, since they have your name on them. In any case, I emailed the museum and donated them back. The Van Gogh museum allowed tickets to be rescheduled.

  • You could always see if you can claim the tickets on insurance or ask Tauck to compensate you if they moved your tour.

  • Tauck compensated us very well for the cancellation of the 4/20 Inspire cruise. So, no worries about the $. Would rather have others use the tickets.

  • janet_dzubow,

    You probably made a child very happy with your donation!

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