Grand Canadian Rockies vs Vancouver & the Rockies by Rocky Mountaineer

I am considering one of these two trips, Grand Canadian Rockies or Vancouver & the Rockies by Rocky Mountaineer. I traveling as a single (recently widowed) 70yr old. Any suggestions on which to choose or what the major differences are between the two trips?


  • We selected Grand Canadien Rockies because it goes to Butchardt gardens and Victoria.

  • I forget which tour it was, but we did the one that visits the gardens and then you get a float plane from there that flies you into Vancouver, my husband loved it.

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    Did the Grand Canadian Rockies in 2019. The 2nd pic was the view from my room.

  • Windy01,

    Beautiful photos. We loved everything about that trip and tea at the Empress Hotel was so much fun. That was years ago. I don't know if Tauck still stays there.

  • Breathtaking beautiful! It certainly whets our appetite for our Grand Canadian Rockies Tauck tour in July 2023! Thx for sharing!

  • The Grand Canadian Rockies trip we did was spectacular except for sleeping (or lack of) on the train.

  • Yes, the Grand Canadian Rockies tour was fabulous. The Fairmont Hotels and adjoining scenery were extraordinary. The one night we slept on the train was interesting...a Fairmont it was not. But it was all part of the adventure; we just laughed at the cramped accommodations and settled in our bunk beds where we were lulled to sleep by the gentle swaying.

    To avoid the rush to the shower(s) (located down the hall) in the morning, we opted to take our showers before retiring.
    We were also pleasantly surprised how good the food was on the train. Again, the scenery from the train's viewing area was breathtaking.


  • 2023 any smoke issues near Jaspar or Banf Parks?

  • Wondering the same about smoke in the area. We are doing the Canadian Rockies at the end of July

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