Guest Protection - if you're at fault

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This is a repost from Travel Tips since it didn't show in the current discussion list.

There have been several discussions here about Tauck and various country requirements wrt covid. Most of us are tracking them and trying hard to keep up with changes. Some though aren't. (Fyi, I have a good friend traveling to Ireland next month who didn't know she had to have a neg test to get on her flight home.) It got me to wondering how much guest protection coverage you'd have If you got to your U.S. flight departure point ( jfk, atl, etc) and weren't allowed to board because the airline had checked and you didn't have the requirements met.

I kind of doubt any of us know the answer for sure but it's an interesting thought.


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    Just like not being able to board a flight without proper identification, i.e. passport, I would say that one would be precluded from being awarded anything on an insurance claim due to their own negligence in not abiding by the rules of the airlines, government agencies, countries, et al, as it relates to COVID requirements. Simply put, defaulting on a contract negates that contract. This is merely my opinion.

    Actually, I have never read the guest protection document in its entirety. Shame on me.

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    I have a friend who just returned from a River Cruise from Amsterdam to Basel and back to Amsterdam on another River cruise line. She and her husband tested negative and returned home. However 11 others on their boat tested positive. The River cruise company put them up in a hotel till they tested negative to return home. Not sure how Tauck deals with it.

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    Omagoh, that's a different topic which has been discussed elsewhere on the forum.

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