PCR test upon arrival for Israel and Jordan tour May 2022

There are 2 PCR tests available at the airport upon arrival in Tel Aviv. The Regular PCR test and a Rapid PCR test, which is more expensive.
Which test has anyone taken and how fast were the results?


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    We are here now. The Tauck escort who met us at the end of the jetway led us to the testing area at the airport. We did not have a choice of tests. We received our results by email several hours later (eg, we tested at about 4:30pm, results received about 9:30pm). We also paid for the test in advance as recommended by Tauck—it was not very expensive.

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    Thanks Jan
    I guess we'll just pre-pay for the standard test
    Enjoy your trip- we are excited to be on the May 15 tour!

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    edited May 2022

    Arrived yesterday in Tel Aviv for upcoming Israel and Jordan tour. Test taken at 11:45 and results emailed to us a few minutes after 7pm. Another email from gov arrived about 2 hours later saying we were released from quarantine. Wasn’t in English. Had to have someone interpret it for us. Filled all info out online before we left, including paying for the PCR tests.

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    Thank you- enjoy your trip!

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    Our test results arrived faster. We had prepaid for the rapid test, took it at about 6:30 pm. I received mine in 2 1/2 hours and my husband about an hour later. A very thorough test - mouth and both nostrils. The Greeter really breezed us through the visa kiosks, immigration and testing.

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    Came in the day before Lotusgirl. Our greeter met us at the bottom of the ramp right before we entered the baggage area. We did the kiosks and passport control on our own.

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    Thank you both for your help
    Enjoy your trip!
    We leave on 5/13 and are excited about this wonderful trip

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