Rocky Mountaineer Meals

What meals and beverages are served during the 2 days on the train?


  • I recommend you go to their website

    In the Onboard Experience section for each class of service they provide sample menus. Just look under Gold Leaf service which is what Tauck books for this tour.

  • Thanks Claudia. I was looking for whether they serve Breakfast, Lunch, snacks, dinner, wine, spirits etc..

  • Looks like the do from what I read. They didn't detail what the snacks or wine/spirits were like. We've considered taking this train ride on our own (not part of the Tauck tour). I like that at the beginning and end you have several options for additional touring. You can do the train, then have them organize a rental car for you and reservations at hotels in the Canadian Rockies for independent sightseeing.. Also while the Gold Leaf service is very nice, the Silver Leaf is pretty nice as well. One of the main differences is you go downstairs to a special dining room for Gold Leaf meals while Silver you eat at your seat. I suffer from motion sickness so the dining room with half the seats facing backwards I'm afraid would make me ill.

    The Tauck version is definitely high end with everything taken care of for you. Personal choice.

    Last I looked there were some very nice youtube videos of this train ride which you might want to check out.

  • I’ll report back. Leaving June 5.

  • Just received a more detailed itinerary...Gold Leaf Service includes breakfast, snacks, lunch, alcohol and non-alcohol drinks. Then a light dinner at the hotel.

  • Does anyone have recommendations for a restaurant for lunch on Granville Island on Day 2 of this tour?

  • BillA,

    The Granville Island Market offers a wide variety of items. You can research them on-line to see what might appeal to you. It's also a great place to people watch.

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