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Hello, I have a friend who will be traveling on the MS Joy in a few weeks. She has a vision problem and was asking me if the riverboats have lighted and magnifying make up mirrors in the cabins. I have tried to remember from our trips and also looked through my photos but no luck finding the answer to her question. The website does mention enhanced lighting for some cabin categories but I'm not sure what enhanced lighting entails. Does anyone recall if these mirrors are in the cabins?
Thanks for your help!


  • It may depend on cabin but all the ones I've been in since 2015 have had built in lights in the mirrors and a small magnifying mirror that clipped on the medicine cabinet and could be moved around. If she is in a Category 1 cabin it may just have a plain mirror and no medicine cabinet. That's the way the smallest cabins used to be designed.

    I always bring a small magnifying mirror so I can take advantage of full sunlight or do my eye makeup somewhere other than the bathroom. They make some very nice lighted makeup mirrors for travel.

  • Thanks Claudia. She is Cat 5 Ruby deck so it sounds like she will be in good shape. I appreciate your help.

  • I always take along a good size travel makeup mirror and I put my face on by one of the windows using my travel mirror attached to the window. The mirror has a suction implement and it works very well. I done that for decades. I remove the mirror from the window every morning just in case the suction wears off. Bought it on Amazon. I never cared for bathroom lighting on the river boats and it frees up the bath area for another person. My 90 year old mother has always said I was born with makeup on! It’s probably true.

  • That’s a great idea but must look intriguing to guests in ships rafted alongside!

  • Gourmet Gal, yes that’s probably true. They wave and I wave back.

  • I took a lot of pictures of our Cat 3 on Savor. I can’t see a magnifying mirror but my 20/10 viision went away a long time ago.

  • I think it might be inside the medicine cabinet.

  • The magnifying mirror was a small round one about 4-5 inches across that clips onto the shelves inside the cabinet. You have to open the cabinet doors to see it if it's there. Your photos do nicely show the built in lighting system.

    Your photos also show the little niche on the wall next to the bed. The Cat 6 cabins we've had on the Sapphire, Espirit, and Treasure also have one that just barely show on the Tauck's photos and not at all on the floor plan. It's kind of minor but actually pretty handy for primping, a place to put your room card, charge your phone.

    Another feature that doesn't show (and I think may only be on the older ship's Cat 6s - not Savor, Joy, etc) is a dresser attached to the bank of cabinets. It's got really nice counter space and big drawers.

    Those 2 features are part of what we've really liked about those cabins. Lots of good storage, big windows and a big enough room not to feel cramped.

  • If I recall correctly, our cabin on the Andorinha (Douro cruise) had a small magnifier that was set upon (glued, I guess) to the inside medicine cabinet mirror. I may be confusing the ship with the hotel in Lisbon, however. Either way, it really didn't work for me since I am taller than average and I remember having to squat down in order to see the magnifier. My other riverboat experiences were too long ago for me to remember such details.

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