Just returned from Rhine and Moselle cruise - Great Trip!!

On May 4 I returned from my first Tauck river cruise from Amsterdam to Basel on MS Grace. It was also my first solo trip, and I admit I was a bit apprehensive. I didn't need to be - The trip exceeded my expectations. I met so many wonderful people, and I may travel again with some of the other solos I met on the tour! I wish I could attach the video of the first evening's entertainment - beautiful violin and guitar trio.

Since people are asking questions about the services, this is what I experienced: Breakfast and lunch were buffet and the dinner was menu-order. Our chef prepared some amazing dishes with regional options also available. Arthurs was closed, but nobody really seemed to mind. We used the space to play cards, a quiet place to read or work a puzzle. It had self-serve coffee, tea, and cookies, and you could grab an early pastry in the morning.

The weather was perfect, so we took full advantage of the sun deck. Staff was helpful and friendly. We had room cleaning and turn down service. The Tauck directors were so happy to be touring again, and they brought a lot to the experience. I am also happy to be traveling again!!

I'm happy to answer specific questions is anybody asks.


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    Now this sounds more like the Tauck River Cruises I am used to and it is different than many I've read lately - esp re: room turn downs and dinner menu. How was the masking/nonmasking? Any idea what the Covid numbers were on the last day? Thanks for posting.

  • Thx for the post. I am traveling solo for the first time on the Emerald Sept 17th. Savoring. I have traveled many times with my husband on Tauck tours but this time I am going solo. I would appreciate any hints from other solo travelers.

  • Choc, my hubbie and I are also on the Emerald September 17th Savoring France! We're really looking forward to it!

  • Ask to be seated with other solo travelers for the first dinner on the Emerald.

  • You will love this trip…we just went in April! Loved it all, especially the Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School and the Camargue! We had about a dozen single gals and they were so much fun!

  • @terrilynn I've read some of the reviews lately, too, and wonder if perhaps which ship you are on could make a difference. I'm sure different countries have different staffing availability and regulations, so that could affect the tour.. Just a thought.

    Very few guests wore masks on the boat or shore excursions unless required by the venue. All Tauck directors and staff wore them. I appreciated Tauck arranging for our end of tour testing. We did have some people who tested positive, but I don't know the exact number. Of course, you know that is a possibility when you go on the tour, so I was mentally prepared to stay if I needed to. None of the covid-positive people showed any symptoms. Fortunately, I was able to return home.

  • @Choc We had a large group meet at the hotel at the beginning of the trip to transfer to the boat. I met several solo travelers at that time, and it was nice to see those familiar faces that first evening on the boat. The Tauck Directors are also happy to introduce you to other solos. We ended up with a group of 9, and we hung out together throughout the trip. So much fun!! I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip, too!

  • CB2153, ok, a year later, I am doing your trip in reverse, on the Grace. I found your comments very reassuring. So, thank you. Within all the responses anyone who may have had a question, they were taken care of. I do have one question. As a first time Tauck cruiser, how were the dinners? I really do like food. Pretty important to me. Q: are the meals, at dinner, regional? I am counting on it. Thank you. '

  • Irdvo116, we've done 5 Tauck river cruises and always enjoyed the food especially at dinner in the Compass dining room. The menu changes every day with a choice of at least 2 soups, 2 starters, and 3-4 main courses plus every night you can have steak, chicken or salmon if the nightly specials don't appeal to you. There is often a fish choice and always a vegetarian choice. For dessert there will normally just be 1 featured but ice cream/sorbet always available.

    As to regional food, yes there will be regional specialties at lunch and dinner. Not the entire menu - just 2-3 options. The menu will feature them and give some info about them.

  • Ohhhh that just reminded me of the black currant and raspberry sorbets I had a few times for dessert. They were so delicious. The entire trip was wonderful, including the food. Enjoy.

  • thank you Claudia and Alina. Just what I needed to know. I understand the meals need to be varied enough to cater to everyone. Steak, chicken and fish will cover the all-American menus, but the “specials” are what I look forward to.
    Alina, the black currant sorbet sounds spectacular, but I’ll have to trade those sugars for some nice wine.
    Thanks for all the help/advice.

  • We did the Amsterdam to Basel trip in 2019 and it was fabulous. The food was outstanding and the tours were very well organized. No one wanted to leave the boat at the end!

  • David, thank you. Helpful information. Looking forward to the tour

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