The perils of no hotel housekeeping

We’ve just spent two nights in a very nice hotel. At $189 a night, it surely was a bargain. Like many hotels, customers have to request housekeeping. The hotel receptionist was very helpful telling us if we needed fresh towels or anything, we could come to reception 24/7. A small hotel, no problem, but we were not in the main building. We were part of a block booking and rooms were hard to get. Our coordinator secured the last room for us, persuading the hotel to give us a disabled facilities room, so we had a spacious bathroom.
So we arrive back about 2am last night. Soon after, it begins to poor with torrential rain, on and on. When we surfaced this morning, still raining, that’s when we noticed we had run out of toilet paper, no spare roll….ok tissues, no only two left! It’s pouring rain outside…..yes, I miss housekeeping!


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    The perils of no “pre-flight”. Only kidding … sort of. Having worked for number of airlines for twenty-seven or so years, I’ve seen a lot of hotel rooms all over the world. And, yes, I pre-flight my hotel rooms. I locate the extra toilet paper, the extra kleenex, and the hair dryer for my wife. I also check for some kind of water glasses, which these days are often not present. I also used to carry tools to help remove the water restrictors from the shower heads. I could not get the tools through security after 911. I also find the nearest ice machine, or find out how to get it. It is just part of my normal check-in process. The most annoying thing is when you get to a distant room and discover the ‘key’ does not work, or the room is already occupied.

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    Yes, SeaLord, you are correct, we were doing our acting thing and we were in high spirits and me nervous about remembering my entrance and dance steps and then coming back In the wee hours. We were glad to not have housekeeping because we would be sleeping late. I do always locate the hair dryer and check we have towels and funnily enough, the shower pressure was probably the best I have ever encountered. When tissues are running low, we take them out of the container so it’s obvious, but did not noticed anything else this time round.
    Oh well, no biggie in the scheme of things….except looking forward to hearing s out your latest AFRICA trip soon 😀

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