Luggage considerations: to check or not to check? To carry on only instead?



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    Fold & I also use compression bags

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    Agree British!Tauck rules different from airlines

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    kfnknfzk, great minds think alike. I use those sheet/pillowcase see-throughs all the time, for storage at home & for travel; always picking them up in my bldg. And I will look for your creations on Etsy!

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    edited June 2022


    You are much too kind! I am far from being creative...I just enjoy putting my sewing machine to work. Most of the dresses I wear while traveling are sewn by me. I'm currently working on lined pencil skirts to wear with tights and sweaters. Working with linings has taken me years to master, but with the right presser feet anything is possible!

    I don't know if you saw my note on a previous thread, but thank you for recommending Virgin Atlantic. I'm booked on it from LA to Heathrow next spring. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the London eateries you suggested, as well. Thanks!

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