July 8th 2022


Just a shout out for our up in coming trip. Traveling with 10/12 year old. Any last minute items not on the list you might suggest? Super excited here!



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    My wife and I are on the same trip with our 11 yr old grandson. We are looking forward to an awesome trip. We are beginning to get our stuff together.

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    Hi Chris,
    On another Tauck Forum, Tanzania and Kenya, they are reporting chilly temps in the Ngorongoro Crater and the
    Hot air balloon. So we have added warm jackets.

    The trip is really getting close. So exciting!

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    The guiding principle has always been layers. Remember, you can always remove layers it gets too warm, but it is hard to put on warmer clothes if you didn't bring them on the game drive or balloon flight, or it you left them home.

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    Puffer jackets are wonderful. They swish into nothing inside a suitcase. I also like the Icebreaker brand of lightweight or medium weight merino wool. It doesn’t itch. Wool is very insulating.

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