Castles on the Rhine July 27 to August 3

Happy summer, we are a family of four from the Pacific Northwest joining this sailing and staying on in Amsterdam for two days. We have a 13 and 9 year old. We were going to be a party of six but my parents had to cancel due to health. I know Tauck will tell you ages of kids on the sailing if you call, but I'm curious if anyone else wants to post and get conversations going. I'm not sure I have any questions, just trying to start thinking about this trip during some challenging times.


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    Hell0 - We just returned from this wonderful trip and it seemed all the kids onboard had a great time. All of the outings were wonderful - but be certain not to miss the Fondue/Swiss Folklore show or Sea Shanty performance.

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    Great! Thank you for posting. My kids love pirate music so I’m sure they will love the sea shanty. Any info helps us plan!

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    My family is from the PNW as well, with a 16 and 11 year old. We just ended our trip in early July. It was a lot of fun. The whole family liked walking through the Basel historical museum (separate from the tour) and the Alps were amazing too see. My oldest found several friends his age on board and they had a good time. My youngest became friends with the bar tender and made it through all of the virgin cocktails (next time we will set up limits with him). Agree with the fondue/sea shanty shows. The trip was different then other bridges tours. We were expecting more mixing with the other families and that really didn't occur very much except for the teens but it was still a good trip. The staff went out of their way to make sure you were having a good time. They also purchased additional games for kids to play while on board ship for the downtime. We also stayed in Amsterdam for an additional two days and were very glad we did.

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    Any leave the ship due to COVID?

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