Covid outbreaks while onboard

We are booked on the Chicago to Toronto Great Lakes tour. If there is a 'covid' outbreak or positive test onboard would there be a 5 day quarantine or would passengers be disembarked midtour? Does trip insurance cover this eventuality?


  • We recently returned from a riverboat cruise. We were told if we tested positive we would need to leave the ship and tour at the next port. We tested positive, but our next port was where everyone was disembarking for a couple more days on land. If you test positive, Tauck will provide you with phone numbers that may be helpful. If you booked air through Tauck, they will help reschedule your return flight. Quarantine requirements will depend on local regulations in place. Tauck's insurance should cover some additional expenses. You should have received a summary of those benefits with your tour documents. The insurance maximums depend on when your policy was purchased.

  • We had a 14 day Alaska land and then cruise.. required test before getting on Princess Cruise. 30% of group could not go on the cruise due to covid. We were left behind in Fairbanks and tour left for Anchorage. We were offered 5 free days at Princess hotel in Fairbanks with meals if we chose. You are not forced to stay. We had booked our own flight out of Vancouver and needed to find new flight out of Fairbanks. Tauck said they will refund unused portion of days on the trip. Insurance will cover trip interruption for us which will only be plane home. We did not need any medical assistance since we had a very mild case and some had no symptoms at all. Covid is just rampant even with diligent mask wearing. It is all very stressful and not really well organized. I believe the TD are overwhelmed with everything going on

  • @TEF. I’m confused with your comment “you are not forced to stay”. Forced to stay at the Princess Jotel of quarantined? If tested positive can you fly home? Thanks in advance for clarifying.

  • LSmiller..There is no testing to board the plane. It is suggested you wait 5 days from date symptoms began then mask for another 5 days when out. . . Princess Hotel was very accommodating with quarantine and there appeared to be many others thee based on the food trays I saw outside the door everyday.

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