Looks as if Skagway is becoming a problem

So we missed the train ride last week because of a ferry breakdown. maybe it will be off the itinerary for good. Read this



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    Very interesting, such a popular attraction, what a shame.. thanks for the info.

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    Thanks so much for the alert. Do you know why you went to Victoria? Our itinerary on the majestic still shows Ketchikan.

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    No, they never told us,. We assumed it was to do with Covid but now we think it was there were too many ships due to dock there that day. Maybe you can find out? Butchart Gardens and tour of Victoria were on a sunny day, so we lucked out but we have been there before. My husband was very disappointed. It also meant we were at sea for almost two days continuous. Boring.
    If you go, could you make comment and post photos? Thank you

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    Will post comments, but not sure I can do photos! Anything specific you want me to comment on? We're planning a day trip out of Vancouver to Victoria so called Tauck to confirm that we weren't stopping there. The agent said we are scheduled for Ketchikan. I believe there are 5 ships scheduled there for that day.

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    edited July 2022

    Wow, five ships!
    I just want to know what the place looks like and what you saw and did. We on the forum will guide you thru posting photos, if I can do it you can. It’s easier with phone photos.
    Victor is beautiful, I could happily live there. Butchart Gardens is. 45 minute out of the city depending on traffic. You would need a minimum of about 2hours to go around it. Get gelato at the place where is says gelato on the map, the other store that has it was closed. We were there on a Saturday, so maybe less traffic on the road but more people at the gardens.
    Thank you
    My hubby tells me he heard our TD say our diversion to Victoria was just for two tours

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    I believe the problem in Skagway is primarily with one dock and the train. I really don’t think they will stop trips to Skagway, but there may be fewer ships in port which would not be all bad.

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